• Who’s Behind The Project?

    The Cornfield project is being developed by Aspire Community Partnership – a local consortium of grass-roots community groups who are working together for the benefit of the Causeway area

  • What Is The Cornfield Project?

    Transforming an unused and unloved piece of land between the estates of Ballysally and Millburn and turning it into a riot of natural colour and activity with environmental activities for all age groups to enjoy.

  • Who Is The Cornfield Project For?

    We want to make this a space for everyone! Early years, children, young people, adults and older people will find something that interests them and connects them with nature – this is for local people and those for further afield – everybody is welcome!

  • What Will We Be Able To Do At The Cornfield?

    There will be sensory gardens, outdoor classrooms, youth hang-outs, allotments, woodland areas, wildflowers, bird and bat boxes, nature zones, barefoot walks, project trails, bug hunts and loads more for everybody to participate in and enjoy.

Project Managers

  • Brendan Patterson

    The Cornfield Project has been developed as a tool to engage local communities in a completely new way by linking people together through nature. The vision for the project is to transform the Cornfield site that lies between the Millburn and Ballysally estates with native wild flowers and, in doing so, bridge two divergent communities.

    Brendan Patterson

    Project Manager

  • Billy Ellis

    The benefits of the project could have a significant impact on those living within the areas and provide opportunities for similar community areas to build on its framework.” The development of the site has the potential to generate new and fun activities, training opportunities and projects to generate further income.

    Billy Ellis

    Project Manager

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