Cornfield Men’s Shed

What is a Men’s Shed?

A Men’s Shed is a place where men, regardless of age, background, or ability are welcomed as friends who we don’t know yet.

A place where men are respected, valued and belong, and can comfortably use and pass on their practical skills and knowledge.

Somewhere they can talk about things that are important to them, and can improve their own wellbeing by keeping physically, mentally and socially active.

Learn through doing stuff together – each man is a teacher and a learner, each having different levels of skills, professional and practical, to share collectively.  

It’s a place where we find ways to help each other and our community, ‘giving back’ is an action we value.

Men’s sheds are more than just woodwork or gardening, they are places where men can find meaning and purpose, where a friend is always there.

In a men’s shed we always say the greatest tool we have is the kettle, because there’s nothing more powerful than a cup of tea and a chat.

What activities are available?

Our Men’s Sheds are currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We are currently offering limited outdoor activities which new members are welcome to participate in, please check our Facebook page for further details.

Activities available (Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown): A social space for meeting and chatting, Pool and darts, a kitchen space to make a hot drink and a snack, a workshop to craft, make or turn a piece of wood (subject to completion of H&S report and training).

Outside of these core activities, members will decide collectively what they want to do, in other sheds members have taken part in cooking classes, arts and crafts, gardening ,community projects, created a music group, or gone fishing together.

Our sheds will also be a centre point for external agencies to share information about their services and to refer members for support they need.

What is the criteria for joining?

Membership of Be Safe Be Well Men’s Shed is open to all men aged 25+ irrespective of ethnic identity, disability, age, political party, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status or religion.

We welcome members with mild learning disabilities. New members are always welcome. 

However, there may be occasions when it is deemed that for specific reasons Be Safe Be Well Men’s Shed does not cater for the specific needs of an individual wishing to join.

What are the opening times?

To be confirmed

Who to contact for more info or to join?

Our Men’s Sheds are currently closed due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are however offering limited outdoor activities which new members are welcome to participate in.

Joining instructions for all of our Men’s sheds are available here

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